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A 100-page Federal Plan Leaked | News

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

When will the world be coronavirus-free?

A 100-page federal document regarding the coronavirus crisis was leaked to the New York Times despite its intention of “For Official Use Only.” The plan, dated March 13, 2020, warned the world that the pandemic could stretch up to “18 months of longer” or could result in  “multiple waves of illness.” According to the Times article, President Trump could “invoke the Defense Production Act of 1950,” which is a Korean-war era law that allows a president to force the American industry to produce critical equipment and supplies such as masks and other protective gears. Other options included disturbing critical medical supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile as well as financial aid to the states most in need. The plan also warned that shortages of products may occur, which would leave a drastic impact on healthcare and emergency services. It is evident that President Trump is taking the pandemic situation more seriously, moving away from his claim of the virus miraculously disappearing. Individuals may not return their normal lives until a vaccine against the virus is developed.

What Can I do?

The least everyone can do during this time of adversity is to practice social-distancing to protect not only their own health but others around them. Check out the Blog tab on for more ways to contribute.

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